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"Bisexual people often face a double stigma from within heterosexual and gay or lesbian communities, and lack needed supports." Pakula and her colleagues say people often turn to substances like alcohol to cope with ongoing stress.

Any health interventions aimed at helping people deal with stress and anxiety or mood disorders should also address the unique needs of the population, Pakula added.

For bisexual Canadians, the rates were nearly four times those of heterosexuals and approximately twice the rates of gay or lesbian respondents.

There is also a list of resources available to LGBTQ2 youth under Other resources.

These laws may be applied arbitrarily or inconsistently.

Even if there are no age of consent laws specific to LGBTQ2 people, you may be targeted because of your identity.

"These findings are extremely useful because this information has not been available for us in Canada until now." The findings come from more than 220,000 Canadians who participated in the Canadian Community Health Survey between 20.

The study found that gay and lesbian Canadians reported about twice the rates of anxiety and mood disorders compared to heterosexual Canadians.

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When you are planning to travel outside Canada, consider that: The Government of Canada cannot guarantee your entry or transit through another country, regardless of whether your passport or other Canadian travel document includes the “X” designation.

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