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Before you can assume that your child can never concentrate, just stop and think for some time.

You may need to observe your child for some days to study his or her behavior with extreme care.

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Low concentration and attention levels are a common problem among millions of children.

With each passing day, more children are suffering from concentration problems, when they find it extremely difficult and tough to concentrate or focus on a particular issue for too long.

The biggest advantage of nurturing concentration, focus and attention is the total enhancement of your children's memory and mental agility.

It could be just running away to watch a cartoon show on the TV or dating away to the backyard garden to play some games.

There are some definite reasons that make your child lose concentration and focus. Here is a thumb rule: Tip: You should feel happy when your child (five to seven years old) retains the levels of concentration for about five minutes at a stretch.

Here are some simple techniques that will help your children nurture focus and concentration: Keep a watch on your children: Almost all children possess the power of concentration!

However, they may not focus or concentrate on the things that are very important now.

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See that they do similar things for at least 15 minutes or more; if your child is writing, cajole him or her to continue with the work for that duration.