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Although muggings and most other petty crime happens in Rome, it is with less frequency than in other European capitals and violent crime is much less than in major U. Staying on the most beaten tourist tracks and main streets, as well as using basic 'street smarts' will keep you out of any trouble.Men in Rome can be intimidating, with their direct approach, whistles, loud voices and habit of touching you while speaking.The major areas for entertainment are the historical center, the Prati neighborhood, Testaccio, San Lorenzo, Trastevere, Ponte Milvio and Ostiense.

Celio is another neighborhood that is quickly gaining the favor of Rome's nightlife.Of course, travelling alone could present some risks, whether you are a male or female.Luckily, simply using common sense is more than enough to enjoy your stay in Rome while being safe.The Police discreetly monitor the main streets, so should you need any help, it will never be far.Of course, in any big city like Rome, use your best judgement before venturing into unknown or secluded places.

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But don't be afraid, it's just how Italians behave and a stern look or ignoring them altogether can make them understand that you don't want company.