Speed dating for black people in nyc

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Speed dating for black people in nyc

Greatness is about impact, and the uncontested fact remains that in the last 25 years, Serena Williams has impacted the sport more than any of her peers, male or female.

Serena can have her baby and never pick up a racket again while exchanging cutesy Reddits with her fiancé on playdates with the Carter-Knowles twins and that significance of her multi-decade trajectory will remain an indelible constant.

There’s no arbitrary ranking that Mc Enroe can make that will ever take that away, no matter how often he uses the gender qualifier to minimize it.

Shamira is a twentysomething New Yorker who likes all things Dipset.

Which were not only impressive for their speed — at around 129 mph Serena has the 3rd fastest recorded serve in women’s open era history — but her consistent ability to crack 115 mph with precision in ball placement.She went from being ostracized as a villain the United States Tennis Association to being the face of it, selling out arenas in record time in a sport that was declining in attendance.Her and her sister are singlehandedly responsible in the resurgence of tennis interest in this country, both from viewership to actual participation of young Black women in the amateur circuit at a young age.Does her physique provide her an unfair advantage over women?The answer to both of these is obviously no (unless you count mixed doubles, which is a whole other ball game).

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Roger Federer can’t make that same claim, much less Mc Enroe.

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