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If patients under OC refuse treatment, a separate compulsory treatment decision is needed.

Rehospitalisation of patients under OC requires a simple procedure where the responsible clinician can decide to readmit the patient without the need for any new independent assessment [].

The present study is part of a larger study of OC in Norway which also examines patient and family experiences of OC [To answer the research question, we conducted three focus group interviews with a total of 22 participants.

The 48 local authorities in the area studied also provide community mental health care.

A written invitation was sent to heads of department in one hospital, four DPCs and four local authorities.

The sample was strategic, aiming to capture health professionals with experience of follow-up care for OC patients.

Recruitment was aimed at clinicians responsible for OC decisions and/or follow-up care, and at least one year’s experience of working with OC patients.

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The Norwegian scheme is characterised by being least restrictive [].