Premarital dating

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Premarital dating

It was probably true even with regard to even premarital sex.

For example, as we learned from Greek sources that unmarried women were often auctioned off by their fathers and sold into slavery or bonded labor.

These communities enjoyed considerable freedom, especially if they were not subject to Vedic morality or traditional Vedic laws.

While we do not know whether the Hindu law books were really enforced by the rulers, or they just painted a world of ethical idealism, we can safely assume that the priestly families adhered to righteous conduct and followed the moral percepts of the Vedic religion.

Without procreation, the worlds cannot continue and gods cannot be served. Hinduism also permits the use of sexual intercourse in certain Tantric practices for self-realization or to sublimate the sexual energy into spiritual energy.Those who took liberties were either excommunicated or subjected to social humiliation.However, since the Vedic laws were not universally practiced or promulgated, people in ancient India did not adhere to the same sexual morality or moral conduct everywhere.The worlds cannot exist or continue without sexual desire, and God cannot ensure the order and regularity of his creation unless beings procreate and support the gods in heaven.Since it is central to our existence, fulfillment of sexual desire is considered in Hinduism one of the chief aims of human life, without which a householder cannot attain the fourth aim, namely liberation, or ensure his existence or that of his ancestors in the ancestral heaven.

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Therefore, although they treated women with considerable respect and gave them a place of honor in their families, they ensured that neither their conduct nor the conduct of their woman would result in the decline of their families and the order and regularity of society.