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If your computer doesn't let you complete these steps, contact the person who has administrator rights to your computer to complete the Chrome update.

Check the settings for your antivirus, firewall, or parental control software.

Over the course of 2016 and in years past, Roblox has expanded to new and exciting platforms.

With optimized support for Valve’s Steam VR and the HTC Vive VR headset, and content creation apps like Final Cut Pro X, Epic Unreal 4 Editor, and Unity Editor, developers have everything they need to create immersive new worlds for you to explore.

Navigate, organize, and edit your photos like never before with new features in the Photos app. Find what you’re looking for even faster in your Mail inbox.

And a file system is what organizes all that data into files and folders you can access with a click.

Using HEVC, videos stream better and take up less space on your Mac, while preserving the same visual quality.

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Today’s Mac experience relies more than ever on the graphics processor (GPU) in your computer. Metal is a technology built into mac OS that allows apps to unleash the full power of the GPU.

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