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Dating france muslims

Sixty of them – almost all incarcerated in Paris – are deemed particularly dangerous.

France is the country in Europe which has the highest Muslim population, and has also seen the highest number of people - estimated by the Brookings Institute this month at over 900 - travelling to Syria to join Islamic State.

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Muslims from France and everywhere are going online to find a date, love or a marriage partner. While we are a Muslim-focussed site, we welcome members from around the world, of all religions, all ethnicities, all races and all ages. Many of our members are simply interested in getting to know Muslims when they normally would not meet them.

Due to law restrictions, the French republic prohibits the questioning of religious affiliation in official censuses, which explains the big difference between the estimations that have been established up to now on the number of Muslims in France.

A Pew Research Center study estimated 4.7 million Muslims in France in 2010, and forecasted 6.9 million in 2030, this would make them reach 10% of the total French population by 2030.

Chérif Kouachi was sent to Fleury-Merogis prison – Europe’s largest – in January 2005.Mohamed Merah, the 2012 Toulouse attacker, moved from being a wild petty delinquent to a hardened jihadist while behind bars, and on his release travelled to Afghanistan and Pakistan to train for jihad.He returned to France and murdered seven soldiers and Jewish civilians.While behind bars he met Djamel Beghal, nicknamed Abu Hamza, who was serving ten years for a plot to attack the US embassy in 2001.Kouachi also met Amedy Coulibaly, who during the three-day coordinated attacks murdered a policewoman and killed four people inside a Jewish supermarket.

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French Muslims are mostly Arabs, of North African origin, or more precisely Maghreb, (in the strict sense, the Maghreb means Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia), but they can also have non-Arab origins, These minorities are often Turks, Kurds, Senegalese, Malians, Indonesians or Bosnians ...

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