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How to stop messenger updating

Managing the ringtone for different types of notifications is often in a separate section (see below).

To change these settings, you may have to go into individual apps and make your adjustments.

If you decide to purchase a smart appliance, a smart speaker such as the Amazon Echo, or set up home automation, you'll need to know how to access and adjust important settings, just as you do with a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and other electronics.

Before we had all these electronic devices, we had devices that had their own sort-of-similar settings.

With the growing popularity of smart devices, home automation, and the persistent buzz around the Internet of Things (Io T), settings are beginning to appear in more of our daily lives, not just in the technology realm.

Io T refers to the idea of connecting everyday devices to the Internet that can then send and receive data.

Some smart devices will have settings you won't find anywhere else, but understanding that settings are just ways to make the device act the way you want is a big step in the right direction.

There are a few simple steps you can take to increase your cell phone security and stop anyone installing spy software on your mobile phone.

It is incredible how many people do not make use of even the basic password feature on their phone.This is a great feature to use when in a meeting or at the movies or anywhere that requires your (mostly) undivided attention.It's also convenient if you use your smartphone as your alarm clock and so that your sleep isn't disrupted with non-urgent notifications.Some devices have an option in the Settings app to globally allow or block notifications from specific apps.Newer i Phones and Android devices have a feature called Do Not Disturb, which mutes notifications you deem unimportant and lets through the ones you can't miss, including alarms, for a particular period.

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