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Carpenter and Scott were released from prison more than two years later in May 2016.Now 40 years old, they have begun the process of rebuilding two lost decades.During the three-day trial, the district attorney relied on witnesses who couldn’t keep their stories straight—and allegedly, according to Scott’s trial attorney, failed to notify the defense of conflicting statements.The teens’ public defenders never called witnesses who knew of Wilson’s potential involvement, including Billy Alverson, one of the passengers in Wilson’s car who offered to come clean. Carpenter and Scott, who hadn’t even graduated high school, were found guilty and sentenced to life in prison on the murder conviction, plus 170 years for two counts of shooting with intent to kill, and one count of using a vehicle to facilitate the discharge of a weapon.Meanwhile, one day after Summers’ death, a Tulsa homicide supervisor visited Michael Lee Wilson, a known member of the Bloods, at his mother’s home.

When the teens went on trial in November 1995, the prosecution called Wilson as a witness but he proved to be uncooperative, answering every question with, “I don’t recall,” and prompting the judge to hold him in contempt.

The 6-foot-3 inmate secretly made a second video using a cellphone, risking punishment from detention officers.

His cellmate recorded the footage, and Carpenter mailed an SD card to his family.

Their testimonies were crucial, as prosecutors had no physical evidence tying Scott and Carpenter to the murder.

In affidavits, the witnesses claimed detectives had coerced their testimony by threatening them with charges.

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“I’m in prison for a murder I didn’t do,” Carpenter pleaded, as the din of male voices crept into the backdrop.

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