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Some of these bacteria have been shown to colonise and help degrade plastics in the ocean, according to the study's co-author Anisha Navlekar, of Texas Tech University.Therefore, dousing old plastic in a similar mix of bacteria may help speed up the degrading process.This high level of plastic pollution is having a devastating impact on marine wildlife, including on deep-sea creatures living far from land, which were recently found to contain traces of manmade fibres and plastics. My experiment buying an i Pod from them last year went well, and I've ordered a few other things here and there.

Remember when calling customer service that you've got something in common with the representative you'll talk to on the phone.International customers can reach us at 1-206-266-2992. The numbers of letters and comments I get have dwindled lately, and maybe that means that there are fewer problems.But I still get thousands and thousands of visitors to this site each month looking for these numbers.Researchers have now said the insect larvae cultivate a cocktail of digestive bacteria that process the plastic.To find out more about the process, pantry moth larvae were fed polyethylene before their gut bacteria was examined, researchers told the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry in North America.

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After you finally find it, you call the number and then are put on hold for quite a while as well.

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  1. A source close to the couple tells PEOPLE, “it’s new and they’re very happy.” “They met through mutual friend Martha Plimpton,” the insider says.