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Another advantage is that South Korean hostesses are not coming here alone, but with their agencies.

Whereas Chinese hostesses are usually just working on their own.

Only a few go on to become actors or actresses, some become singers, while most trainees are weeded out.

But even those trainees who have been weeded out can end up becoming big hits in the live streaming industry in China since they can easily beat out Chinese hosts who have no training.

Heo was once a member of a girl band that produced an EP.

This is one of the reasons South Korea is famous for being a "star-production factory." Many aspiring performers join entertainment agencies at a very young age and are known as trainees.

She also changes costumes regularly during live streams, going from a nurse to a teacher and so on.

She said that although some Chinese hosts are pretty, and some can dance, they lack variety.At one point the user sent a gift worth 140,000 yuan, after which Wang sent one worth 400,000 yuan, a new record for the hostess, who gets a percentage of what these gifts are worth. Even though this was most likely as promotional stunt - Wang is the founder of Panda TV - the pressure on domestic hosts is real.On July 6, the highest-ranking host in China was a South Korean hostess who had 15,000 concurrent viewers at one point, while the top Chinese host ranked only at 11 with 9,700 viewers.These South Korean entertainment companies have the resources to carry out market research to better understand customer preferences, train their hosts and provide support in the form of costumes, interpreters or schooling so they may learn Chinese.To keep her edge, Heo said she spends three hours practicing pole dancing and the piano everyday, and watches Chinese TV shows to learn Chinese even when showering.

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At her peak back then she could have maybe 12,000 concurrent viewers, yet in China she gets almost 125 times as many viewers. According to data from consultation company i Research, there were nearly 200 live streaming platforms for a total of 200 million users in 2015.