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The 8×8 variant of draughts was weakly solved in 2007 by the team of Canadian computer scientist Jonathan Schaeffer.

From the standard starting position, both players can guarantee a draw with perfect play.

The clothes woven for the king were each unique, and whoever tried to reproduce them was severely punished.

Kente is an Akan royal and sacred cloth worn only in times of extreme importance and is the cloth of kings and nobility, before finding its way into bags, and scarves sold around the globe nowadays.

The same as men, a king can make successive jumps in a single turn provided that each jump captures an enemy man or king.

In international draughts, kings (also called flying kings) move any distance along unblocked diagonals, and may capture an opposing man any distance away by jumping to any of the unoccupied squares immediately beyond it.

The cross is found in different shapes on the kente, but also on another Akan cloth, the adinkra. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author/ owner is strictly prohibited.

A piece may move only diagonally into an unoccupied square.

The tradition of Kente cloth " data-medium-file="

w=220" data-large-file=" w=220" class="size-thumbnail wp-image-4773" alt="Kente cloth" src=" w=144&h=150" width="144" height="150" srcset=" w=144&h=150 144w," sizes="(max-width: 144px) 100vw, 144px" /) who was weaving her web.

There are many other variants played on 8×8 boards.

Canadian checkers and Singaporean/Malaysian checkers (also locally known as dum) are played on a 12×12 board.

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