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Posted by / 13-Nov-2019 23:52

Developers have ways of detecting a jailbreak and can now prevent jailbroken devices from using their services.

Tampering with system-level software isn’t illegal, but Apple can and will detect the practice if you ever take the device in for repair.

Unfortunately we can’t change the minds of those who are already engaged in the practice, but we can try to redress the balance for those drawn in by dishonest marketers.

Parents — do not use this software to trace your children.

If you feel like you need to be concerned about smartphone security in your workplace then you shouldn’t be allowing non-company devices in the workplace. There is no spy software on the market that will be able to do all it promises – i.e.

spy on any activity, trace any location or upload any camera images – without voiding the target device’s warranty.

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