Speeddating reviews

Posted by / 16-Jul-2019 18:15

Since Speed is a different type of dating site, we didn’t send out any emails. The only positive to our experience on Speed was we didn’t pay a penny for a membership.

Instead, we sent “Speed Date” invites to 5 women per day. It probably decreased our chances of meeting someone, but we didn’t find any reason to sign-up.

The two central ladykillers will, of course, meet women who tame them but only after a parade of misogynist and homophobic cliches that are interrupted by bizarre subplots whose cluelessness about mental illness and homelessness will give offense on those fronts as well.

I also spoke with a guy who attended the event and he told me he never got sent his matches. Instead an unknown person sent me an aggrresive reply back. The reply received was a very short "choose another event".A simple reply with their terms and conditions was all that was required.They kept my money but the ludicrous threat of police action is why I am writing this post.The site has an extensive FAQ page for those who'd like to find out more about how the dating events work.Those who are inquisitive can browse the list of events, by area.

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