Davedays miley dating

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Davedays miley dating

He has three channels: Dave Days, his main channel, where he posts all his music videos and originals, Dave, his second channel, where he posts behind-the-scenes of his music videos and vlogs, and Overdaedge182, his old channel created in 2006 which has been inactive since August 2007.Dave Joseph Colditz (a.k.a Dave Days) is a Musician/Comedian on You Tube from Downingtown, Pennsylvania.The first video, "Steve Irwin death video" shows a 20-second clip of a still image of a scuba diver underwater with "My Life Be Like" by Grits playing.The video has an approximate 86% dislikes due to the misleading title.Dave has passed the 1,000,000 subscriber mark on You Tube and his videos are featured in commercials and advertisements.Dave has created several albums which can be found on i Tunes and is currently among the top all time channels on You Tube.Dave Colditz has a crush on Miley Cyrus and created his You Tube channel on August 25, 2007.

he will next be singing in milton keyens city centre performing LIVE !!!!

Dave Days has featured on the Digi Tour; a social media tour featuring popular social media performers. his fave food is Chinese Formerly known as the Dave channel, was Dave's first channel created on September 14, 2005, with the first video being uploaded on 2009.

Despite being the first video uploaded on Dave's first channel, it is not the real first video Dave uploaded.

commonly known as Dave Days, is a musician, entertainer and You Tube personality from Downingtown, Pennsylvania, currently living in Los Angeles, California.

He is best known for his You Tube channel featuring pop-punk covers and parodies of popular songs, as well as original songs.

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), known on You Tube as Dave Days, is a You Tuber, musician and comedian from Downingtown, Pennsylvania, who currently lives in Los Angeles, California.