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Www gkdating com

She has studied the molecular epidemiology of Chlamydia trachamotis in Ecuadorian sex workers, and helped folks at the Berkeley Free Clinic understand what to do when “omg i have a rash!!!” Currently she is studying the effects of HIV infection in the central nervous system.

——————— “Roller Derby: An Elliptical Treatise” by the Girls’ San Francisco Sh Evil Dead More than just the subject of an angsty Drew Barrymore coming-of-age film, flat track roller derby is the fastest-growing sport in America. A proud member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA)—the official governing body for modern roller derby—B. Team FREDNET has taken up the challenge, combining the talents of 600 scientists, technologists, and engineers from 63 countries as the only 100% open-source competitor.

Learn about your poor, multi-tasked brains (but put away the i Phones first! After all the partying we’ve done, from Halloween to the World Series, we could probably use another vacation, but instead we’ll persevere to bring you the best in drunken nerdy entertainment. They look like they’re wearing tuxedos, so we dismiss them as all being the same.

); discuss those scavenging scamps, seagulls; and find out how to hack the Kinect for uses that were almost certainly not imagined by Microsoft. This month we have presentations on the quirks of Mars’s magnetosphere, the peculiarities of those adorable penguins, and a history of the not-so-adorable gonorrhea. They’re birds, but they’re fundamentally different from all other birds.

Biologist Brooke Weinstein will take us beyond the caricatures and explain the basic peculiarities of these fascinating creatures.

Brooke Weinstein is an aquarium nerd and aquatic biologist at the California Academy of Sciences.

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Basically, this means trying to convince otherwise skeptical people that he can predict the future using magical computers made of clouds.

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  1. While most other cruise lines give the performers cabins among the passengers, Circus cut corners by having the performers bunk below deck with the crew in spartan conditions – and by paying a fraction of the going rate. Once aboard, I was shown around by a veteran cruise-ship comic I’ll call “JR,” a baby-faced fireplug of a man sporting a baseball cap, a reddish tan, and a slight North Carolina drawl soaked in sweet tea. While there are many funny comics working on ships, calling a comic a “boat act” is the ultimate insider insult, implying that they are the worst kind of hack – someone whose jokes are the equivalent of tying verbal balloon animals.