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Ancient dating rituals

The palace found at Mycenae matches Homer's description of Agamemnon's residence.The amount and quality of possessions found at the graves at the site provide an insight to the affluence and prosperity of the Mycenaean civilization.Mycenae site is located in the Peloponnese, Southern Greece.The remains of a Mycenaean palace were found at this site, accounting for its importance.Like the Minoans, the Mycenaeans built grand palaces and fortified citadels, with administrative and political powers firmly under royal authority.Mycenaean society was to some extent a warrior culture and their military was ever prepared for battle, be it in defence of a city or to protect its wealth and cultural treasures.

During the Mycenaean civilization the class diversification of rich and poor, higher classes and lower became more established, with extreme wealth being mostly reserved for the King, his entourage and other members of the royal circle.

The citadels built during the Mycenaean Age were constructed using the Cyclopean stonework style, with huge entrances made with large stones.

These citadels were administrative headquarters for the rulers.

The Mycenaeans invented there own script known as Linear B, which was an improved derivative of Linear A (a language commonly accepted as Minoan or Eteocretan).

Habitation: The settlements of Mycenaean civilization are largely known from archaeological remains.

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