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km 10-42 kn 5-57 ko 11-32 kp 5-54 kq 6-57 kr 4-42 ks 7-63 kt 8-63 ku 10-32 kv 5-39 kw 6-54 kx 9-68?ky 3-50 kz 11-40 Tube codes changed from the late 1960s and beyond until the Berlin and Ulm factories shut down, the codes were as follows: On the side of the tube there is a 7 digit code beginning with a letter B for Berlin or U for Ulm, and might end with a letter.This directory contains USENET articles Mic has saved about guitars, equipment, pickup, techniques, players, and so on.Mic has graciously granted permission to post the stuff on the JT30 page on the off chance that it might be useful in the context of Blues Harmonica.Month=third and fifth digits=08=August Year=fourth digit is the year, 8=1968. Genuine Telefunken Germany (Berlin and Ulm) made tubes have a diamond mark molded into the glass between the pins.

This list is circa 1955, and some codes have been reassigned or added since that time.

Here is an example of a tube box and tube guarantee from Telefunken in 1938.

No doubt, radio tubes back then still cost upwards of a day's wages!

Those tubes had the set name (Motorola, etc,) labeled, along with the EIA code stamped on the tube, along with a date code, such as 6812, meaning the tube was made in 1968, 12th week.

Picture tube date codes were usually 2 years (color) or 1 year (b&w) from the date of manufacture which indicated the end the warranty period.

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Below each frame there is a bit of rhyme in German telling the tale.

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