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This concrete experience of gravity is easier to understand than abstract explanations.

Third, people with ID do best in learning environments where visual aids are used. These visual tools are also useful for helping students to understand what behaviors are expected of them.

This is a progressive, step-wise, learning approach. The only difference is the number and size of the sequential steps.

A second strategy is to modify the teaching approach.

For instance, using charts to map students' progress is very effective.

On leaving he shall take nothing with him but bread. Similarly with the order of prophets : to judge them when they speak in the spirit is the unpardonable sin ; but they must be known by their morals. All travellers who come in the name of the Lord are to be received, but only for two or three days; and they must exercise their trade, if they have one, or at least must not be idle.ii with the Talmud may be certain; but on the other hand Funk has shown that (apart from the admittedly Christian ch.i, 3-6, and the occasional citations of the New Testament ) the 0. is often not quoted directly, but from the Gospels.Lengthy verbal directions and abstract lectures are ineffective teaching methods for most audiences. This means they learn best by performing a task "hands-on." This is in contrast to thinking about performing it in the abstract.A hands-on approach is particularly helpful for students with ID.

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First Part The Way of Life is the love of God and of our neighbour. We first find the Golden Rule in the negative form (cf. Then short extracts from the Sermon on the Mount, together with a curious passage on giving and receiving, which is cited with variations by Hermas (Mand., ii, 4-6). The second chapter contains the Commandments against murder, adultery, theft, coveting, and false witness — in this order - and additional recommendations depending on these. iii we are told how one vice leads to another: anger to murder, concupiscence to adultery, and so forth. iv, which ends: "This is the Way of Life." The Way of Death is a mere list of vices to be avoided (v). vi exhorts to the keeping in the Way of this Teaching: "If thou canst bear the whole yoke of the Lord, thou wilt be perfect; but if thou canst not, do what thou canst. vi a similar close, omitting all reference to meats and to idolothyta , and concluding with per d. And of the broken Bread: 'We give Thee thanks, our Father, for the Life and knowledge which Thou hast made known to us through Jesus Thy Child; to Thee be glory for ever. The words in thanksgiving for the chalice are echoed by Clement of Alexandria, "Quis div.", 29: "It is He [Christ] Who has poured out the Wine, the Blood of the Vine of David, upon our wounded souls "; and by Origen, "In i Judic.", Hom.