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Mark was put on probation by the Administrative Board and sent to see a counselor.He apologized to women’s groups offended by the site, including the Association of Harvard Black Women whom he eventually helped build a website of their own. It is this project that inspired Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss to approach Zuckerberg for help with their Harvard Connection website idea.by Ben Mezrich on which the film was based by saying, "The reason why we didn't participate is because it was very clear that it was fiction from the beginning.We talked to [Mezrich] about that and he basically told us, 'what I'm most interested in is telling the most interesting story.' We want to make sure that we never participate in something like that, so then someone can take something that's really fictional and say, 'We talked to Mark Zuckerberg for this.' So, I think it's clear that it's fiction.Luckily, one of his roommates, Billy Olson, said that they should compare classmates to each other rather than to animals and only occasionally add in animals for amusement.

Mark acknowledged their business relationship by stating, “You know, the guy who is playing me, his cousin works at Facebook. And I meet with him every week to go through the next version of what we're building. He's really talented.” - Computer History Museum Mark Zuckerberg Interview Eric Fisher helped his cousin build the web site One Up Hughes was their spokesman and handled interview requests.Eduardo Saverin provided the initial investment needed to launch the site and managed the business side of the operation.The software looked at what music you enjoyed listening to and then suggested more music that it thought you would like.Despite being offered as much as million for their creation from companies like Microsoft, AOL and Winamp, they instead decided to put Synapse up on the internet for free.

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If I read your book, I probably wouldn't agree with everything, but at least there's the sense that it's serious journalism.” - Computer History Museum Mark Zuckerberg Interview Did Zuckerberg drop out of Harvard University? Our research into the real story behind the Facebook movie confirmed that in June 2004, after completing his sophomore year, Mark moved to Palo Alto, California and never returned to Harvard as a student.

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