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encounters all over the world every day but despite this fact most of us are still on the fence in regards to whether or not aliens actually do exist.

These drawings and paintings often depict humans descending to earth in ships and can be seen all over the world. So please join me for this exploration as we search for answers.

Fortunately, there is concrete evidence that Bacteria ‘can’ and ‘has’ survived deep space travel and long term exposure to the most unforgiving environment we know of, space.

On May 11, 2001 Geologist Bruno D’Argenio and molecular biologist Giuseppe Geraci from the University of Naples announced an extraordinary discovery to the world.

In addition, ij=k, jk=i, ki=j, and if you flip the order you flip the sign, so ji=-k.

Quaternions don’t “patch holes” that the complex numbers have, but they do help with some very complicated problems that other number-systems can’t handle easily.

A mix of organic compounds which included amino acids and monocarboxylic acids, both essential to the evolution of the first simple life forms on Earth were found in the rock fragments. spacecraft, Surveyor 3 landed on the moon safely to begin the unmanned surveyor program sent to explore the surface of the Moon.

This lends yet more evidence to the theory that life on Earth and indeed humanity originated out there, in space! This was a great triumph for mankind and received much attention from the world, however, there was one aspect of the mission which didn’t receive as much attention as it perhaps should have.

Alien crop circles incessantly appear in farmer’s fields all over the world, especially in England and this ‘could’ be an attempt by aliens to contact us.

This is one of the important aspects of the “fundamental theorem of algebra“.

You can tell mathematicians think it’s important, they don’t call just anything the “fundamental theorem of whatever”.

So this really does beg the question: Are humans alien to this planet?

In order for the Panspermia theory to hold any water, it needed to be shown that Bacteria could survive the harsh environment of deep space.

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Finally, here’s the answer, there are a lot of (infinite) number-systems bigger than the complex numbers that contain the complex numbers in the same way that complex numbers contain the real numbers. The smallest number system that’s bigger than the complex numbers is the “quaternions”.

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