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Couple hiring across all disciplines in 13 leading U. research universities increased from 3% in the 1970s to 13% in the 2000s, and although there may be good reasons behind the increase—it's apparently good for retaining talent and promoting diversity—the practice can be controversial.Regardless of the merits of the practice, it can be tough going for the less accomplished scientist in a faculty pair.Moffitt and her husband, Avshalom Caspi, run a lab together at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, investigating mental health and human development. Having a project of your own, Moffitt says, "demonstrates to everyone, most vitally yourself, that you are not wholly dependent on your partner for ideas." Scientist couples need to be aware of the potential for engaging in—or being perceived as engaging in—conflicts of interest.An example: "A senior scientist in a relationship with a junior scientist gets them a good job," says Brian Martin, a professor of social sciences at the University of Wollongong in Australia with 15 years’ service on university committees that investigate claims of sexual harassment.Sometimes, people "do not view the second person in the couple as a true faculty member, but merely as an appendage," Simmons says."People can be very unfair and unkind, and they feel free to treat you like a second-class scientist because they think your husband has made things easy for you and done the work for you," writes Heather Viles, a professor of biogeomorphology and heritage conservation at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, in an e-mail to Careers.Also, scientists who are concerned about maintaining a relationship at work should discuss any potentially fraught issues with "people who are independent, principled, and wise, such as a friend, a counselor, or an ethics adviser," Martin says.Martin gives the hypothetical example of a senior person who uses their charisma, stature, and reputation to seduce—then reject—a junior staff member.

The risk is especially large when one of the two scientists is more senior, or when the two scientists are hired as a couple—a phenomenon that is particularly common in the United States."We were pretty good at keeping our private life separate from work," Gallese says. Eight years her senior, Gallese was an associate professor, also in Rizzolatti’s lab.They started dating a year after Umiltà joined Giacomo Rizzolatti’s University of Parma lab, in 1997, to start her Ph. Spending so much time together "helped us get to know each other quicker," Gallese says. Gallese and Umiltà, who are married now, both went on to develop successful careers; today, they run independent laboratories in the University of Parma's neuroscience department."What if you had a brief sexual relationship with the applicant that ended amiably a year ago?" In such cases—as in many cases where conflicts of interest may be perceived—disclosure is a powerful tool.

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Her husband, Andrew Goudie, who is 14 years her senior and worked in the same department until he retired—is "hugely well known" in her field, Viles says.

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