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Jenn was a self-confessed dating failure until she orchestrated her own dating turnaround.

Is dating a celebrity different than dating a normal Joe? LISTEN HERE: BONUS: Want to get him back or figure out if he is worth the effort? Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female plus the top 5 ways to know you slept with him. #Fairy Dust TV Video Transcript: How to tell if a guy likes you If I wanted, You can’t blame a man if he knows he looks good, but how do you know if he bordering narcissistic, and how should you deal with him? Dating Versus Relationship – Things Women Need To Know.That’s when she sought the help of a more experienced woman, began to learn, and finally made a life-changing decision.Soon, at the request of those in her circle of friends who had seen the transformation first-hand, Jenn became what she now calls a “Romantic Fairy Godmother.” You can hear Jenn describe that moment of decision and learn how you can have a better and more fulfilling dating life by dating multiple men at once and being entirely open about it, on this episode of Next Fem.They separated, then divorced, and Jenn once again felt like she’d never find a guy who liked her as much as she liked him.To make things worse, it didn’t seem that men were paying her any attention.

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LISTEN HERE: BONUS: Want to get him back or figure out if he is worth the eff If you are having fun Mantourage Dating™ then you know that having another man to focus on when one of the men you like isn’t paying much attention to you is soooo helpful. what do you do when no one in your Mantourage is knocking down your d Do you feel clueless when it comes to men? Understanding men doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming, Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female. But it’s even more nerve-racking to decide whether we should tell him how we feel. LISTEN HERE: SHOW NOTES Essential Learning Points from this Episode: – If you are hyperf Welcome to another educational edition of Single Smart Female.

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