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Dating in youth groups

God did not reprimand Adam for wanting a mate or ignore his need and hope it went away. We don’t actually know what this looked like; we don’t know if He and Adam had long conversations about this or if He had just observed Adam’s clear need for a mate from a distance.I would imagine, though, it was more of the first because God was said to have walked with Adam in the garden. Surely Adam, in his perfection, was better than us at talking with God about things on his mind.God, seeing Adam needed someone, did not say, “Adam? God began to bring everything under the sun to Adam to see his reaction.He brought him all the animals and watched Adam interact with them.He had no guilt, no shame and certainly no feelings of distance between himself and God.It was the perfect scenario for pouring his heart out to God.Other times, we tell them God wants them to avoid this feeling and focus on Him alone. And whatever the man called every living creature, that was its name. Adam was in perfect fellowship with God, yet he still needed someone.

For some reason, we always picture him to be about 30, but the Bible doesn’t say that. They were instilled with a desire for one another since before the fall.

At times, the dam needs to be opened to allow the rush of water to come out to prevent disaster.

I would like to offer some thoughts on this thing that was once called . I believe that as we look to God’s Word, we can see some practical tips about how to let the water out of the damn to prevent damage and promote health.

In the sexually charged climate of this society, they are given all the more reason to try and prove us wrong.

In an attempt to close the gap between the fairly modest society we grew up in and the overly promiscuous society our children are growing up in, many parents go to one of two extremes: 1) Closing the dam completely; 2) Letting the river run fully.

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