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Fish in the sea dating website

Since farmed fish often have been bred via selective breeding they have a lower genetic variation than wild fish.

Per week, Americans eat about 3.5 ounces of seafood, which is still only half of what the USDA recommends.

One example of this was the Pacific oyster in the UK, which was introduced into its waters in the 1960s via aquaculture with the idea that it would be a more commercially viable species than the native oyster.

Unfortunately, these pacific oysters have spread and created reef formations, forcing out the native oysters and altering the marine environment.

(6)While aquaculture is nothing new as humans have been farming fish for millennia, there have been some substantial changes in recent decades.

There is evidence of fish farming dating back to 2000 BCE in China and depictions of ornamental fish ponds in ancient Egyptian paintings.

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If populations of non-native species become established they compete with native populations for resources such as food and breeding sites.