Dishonesty online dating

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Dishonesty online dating

It seems dishonest users understand better than honest ones how much the truth can change someone’s online profile.

If we consider that the likelihood of an encounter grows with more messages received, it’s no wonder both men and women embellish their photos and profiles.Such fears are not unfounded: 55% of visitors to dating sites have encountered some kind of problem related to their use of the services.Problems can be manifold, from unpleasant conversations to real cyberthreats. Many visitors to dating sites and users of dating apps still do not consider them all that reputable and thus don’t want their friends or family to see their profiles.Moreover, perceptions of others’ lying behavior on the venue were more significant predictors of own lying behavior than any of the personal characteristics we measured (i.e., Machiavellianism, psychopathy, extraversion, or internet addiction).Think his online dating profile sounds too good to be true?

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Despite the preponderance of false information in profiles, dating sites continue to be extremely popular; 32% of all Internet users use them.

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