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Sam adams freshness dating

“I’d rather put people into stale beer than stale beer into people.” Other craft brewers have gone so far as to start their own distributorship in order to ensure optimal handling of their beer from tank to consumer.

Improper storage can greatly impact a beer’s flavor, so going the extra step with refrigerated trucks and warehouses can go a long way.

“We are more worried about the online review that bashes the beer and it turns out it’s a two-year-old IPA that was left in the garage,” Mansfield insists. ) in the comments section of this article, it is important to reiterate that some beers are age-worthy.

(MORE: 9 Breweries You’ll Want to Follow on Instagram) A second major theme that emerged from brewers we asked was the fact that beer is a kind of organism, something that lives and breathes (although hopefully not oxygen! Taking that artistic creation and locking it away in a cellar may kill its vivacity—or at least its hop profile. Jim Koch, founder of Sam Adams, echoes Sardina’s sentiments. In fact, some are almost certainly better with age.

It does an equally great job at accompanying food as it does quenching a powerful thirst on a hot day. As a veteran bartender it was often the Boston Lager I would crack open at the end of a long and grueling shift while I cleaned up and pondered life.

Your contributions to the popularity of craft beer cannot be measured in this short letter.

Sam Adams began putting legible freshness dates on their beers all the way back in the late 1980s.

“We take back from retailer shelves and destroy several million dollars of beer every year,” he says.

You know the one:) M3c2S — Allagash Brewing Co (@Allagash Brewing) February 3, 2017 And, once again this year, Allagash Brewing is promoting drinking fresh with their annual “Drink it Now Day.” Looking for a reason to crack that special bottle?

We say that the beer in the tank on packaging day is as perfect as it gets, and we try and get that beer into people’s hands that way.” There’s still room for beauty to reside in the eye of the beholder, however.

“Having said that, craft beer drinkers are smart people and the ones that purposefully age beers with care and an eye to curiosity know that the beer changes, sometimes drastically, as the days roll by.” So beer-art can still be a two-way street, so long as you are cognizant of what you’re doing when you lay that bottle down. (MORE: 9 Brewery Couples On Their Strong Relationships and Successful Breweries) Lest I endure the monologic wrath of collectors (hoarders?

Fortunately, someone decided to check the date on the bottle: five months old. While my experience at Big Beers was confirmation that some beers age especially well, the latter case is much, much more common.

More often than not, beer does not age well—especially the hoppy ones, which have been, and remain all the rage.

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So we asked craft brewers why they want you to drink beer fresh — and the reasons make a lot of sense. ) There are a few reasons brewers want you to drink their beer ASAP.