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If she doesn't, she gets a call, and a family member receives an email, text or call.The system helped Reeves' father-in-law take his medications on time, and his health improved dramatically.With mobile push-button personal emergency response systems, called PERS, and GPS location tracking, you can monitor parents or aging friends at home, or while they play golf or go on long walks."We've entered the era of low-cost, miniaturized, technological capabilities that enable smarter caregiving and greater independence," says Laurie Orlov, an aging-in-place technology analyst.The San Francisco-based business advises start-ups in the aging and boomer fields. adults age 85-plus who live alone (as do one-third of those 65-plus). And just wait for the deluge of boomers who will need care. In some cases, the tracking devices are becoming cool.Fike is seeing a lot of what she calls "connected independence" technologies, which include activity sensors that give adult children insight into their parents' daily activities and tools that let family caregivers be part of doctors' appointments remotely. A child might have a GPS watch that keeps tabs on him in the mall, while adults proudly sport activity wristbands to track their exercise and food.En español | Phil D'Eramo used to call his parents four or five times a day to make sure they took their medication.An only child from upstate New York, D'Eramo was worried, especially about his 89-year-old father, who has Alzheimer's disease. When his father went out for short drives, was he getting home safely?

You can use it for other reminders, too (feed the cat, take a short walk).Who uses it: Laura Reeves' father-in-law, who has Alzheimer's disease, takes 18 pills a day.He had been skipping some doses or popping too many.The company can alert D'Eramo by text, email, Web or phone if something is out of the ordinary."Using this new technology allows me to feel emotionally confident and secure that my parents can stay in their home longer," said D'Eramo, 44, a printing company salesman.

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One type is locked until it's time for medication; the other is unlocked.

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