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For example, the one I listed above in the Baidu Cloud works great.Othersie, you would need an unlock key from the map provider. Make sure to change the SD card name to “Garmin” and create a sub-directory also called “Garmin”. So it would look like: j:\Garmin\Then change the original map in Garmin internal storage “gmapprom.img” to some other file name such as “old”.Updating maps on a nuvi is a somewhat convoluted process and may require a significant time investment, depending on how much data is being updated. Click "Continue" and wait for the screen to prompt you with "Ready to update your maps." If insufficient space exists to update the map, you will be presented with the option to remove pictures or music from your device or to insert a micro SD or SD memory card into the nuvi and load the map set onto it. Click "Continue" when "Ready to update your maps" is displayed and click "OK" to begin installation.Installation may take several hours, depending on the amount of data being updated.So I decided to spend some time to bring my old friend back in life.

I was cleaning up my closet and found an old Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS that used years ago.This site uses cookies to serve ads, analyse site traffic and personalise content.Information generated by your use of this site is stored with this site as well as with our advertising and analytics partners. While it's always a good idea to report suspicious activity to the authorities, in this case, you might find out that the group was performing a more innocuous service.­With the new information, Navteq updates its digital map collection, and then sells it to companies like Garmin, which produce the GPS devices that many of us have come to rely on for getting around.

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I would recommend keep the original file just in case it doesn’t work and you have something to fall back to.

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