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It is considered to be one of the most important treasures of the British Museum.

Buried Circa: 903 – 912 AD Historic Period: Carolingian / Viking Discovered When: 1840 Location Found: Lancashire | England Found By: Unknown Workers Displayed: British & Ashmolean Museums Primary Materials: Silver Number of Items: 8,600 Est.

It was classed as one of the top ten british treasures of all time.

Although damaged by ploughing it is one of only five such golden cups located anywhere in Europe.

This prompted a full archaeological investigation which revealed 75 complete golden torcs that had been buried in specific pits.

It is very possible that these were the ‘royal ornaments’ of the Norfolk Iceni tribe.

Over the decades a significant number of ‘British treasure troves’ have been discovered across the United Kingdom.

Buried Circa: 1,700 – 1,500 BC Historic Period: Bronze Age (Neolithic Styling) Discovered When: 2001 Location Found: Kent | England Found By: Mr Cliff Bradshaw (PMD*) Displayed: British Museum Primary Materials: Gold Number of Items: One Est.In most cases these treasures were hidden by their owners during times of social and political upheaval – although in the case of the Sutton Hoo burial and the From Hoard they were associated with deliberate religious rites.Although many such discoveries have already been made it is widely believed that many more exist waiting to be revealed.Value: £270,000 (2002) £470,000 (2013) The Ringlemere Gold Cup is a Bronze Age artefact that dates back to around 1650 BC.It was found in 2001 in a farmer’s field adjacent to Ringlemere Lane and one kilometre west-south-west of Marshborough in Kent.

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While the gold and gemstones are enough to excite the treasure hunter in all of us, the true value of these finds lies in their ability to open a window in the lives of the British peoples across the millennia.