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Nature formation and occurrence of rock-forming minerals and their identification in hand-specimen under the polarizing microscope. Probability; concepts; rules and theories; methods hypothesis of in Systematic Mineralogy Description . The collision theory and unimolecular reactions; the transition state and the steady state approximation theory of reaction rates; complex reactions Inorganic Chemistry 5 (transition Elements And Organometallic Chemistry) Description . Solutions near regular singular po Algebra Ii Description . Continuity, continuity and compactness; uniform continuity; completeness i Probability And Statistics Ii Description . Polymerisation free radical, ionic and condensation mechanisms. Synthetic polymers manufacture and use of polymer mouldings, wood products petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and dyestuffs Physical Chemistry 7 (further Chemical Kinetics And Electrochemistry) Description . Pfaffian differential equations, Linear, semi-linear, Numerical Analysis Ii Description . Methods of solution of dx/P = dy/Q = dz/R, Orthogonal trajectories of systems of curves on a surface. Elementary properties of natural numbers and integers. Concept and general theory of surfaces First Order Partial Differential Equations Description . Simultaneous differential equations of the first order. Systems of linear equations: rect and interative methods Number Theory Description . Application of approximation to Gaussian and related quadrature.

It has adequate lecture and laboratory facilities and a well stocked library with the latest collection of books and journals. Classification and mode of formation of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic minerals. Documentation of mine w Environmental Geology Description . Pollution and its effect on the life-support systems. Metric spaces, examples of metric spaces; neighbourhood, interior points; limits points, open and closed subsets; relatively open and closed subset; dense subsets; compact subsets. Reproduction morphology; the male and female gametophytes. Endosperm developed and applied embryology, Organogenesis, development, differentiation and structure in the shoot and root apex. Separation techniques, pricipiation solvent extraction and various chromatographic techniques (paper thin layer, partition, absorption, ion exchange exclusion-gel permeation and filtration electrophoresis), gas, liquid and high performance liquid chromato Organic Chemistry 9 (applied Organic Chemistry) Description . Planning for Computer Plant Morphogenesis Description . Occurrence biosynthesis and degradation of carbohydrates. Classification of lipids and their role in cell function. The prot Analytical Chemistry 4 (voltammetric And Separation Techniques) Description . As a result of this, a large number of highly qualified teachers and educators will be needed. University of Nairobi, has therefore embarked on a flexible Bachelor of Education (Science) Degree Programme tailored to meet the challenges of the times. Principles of geophysics, application and limitation of gravity seismic, magnetic electromagnetic and resistivity methods. 2020 the role of education in the industrialization process will be quite overwhelming. The chemistry of d-block elements; first, second and third row transition elements, including metal-metal bonding and cluster compounds. An overview of organometallic chemistry, including bonding and synthesis Exploration Geophysics Description .

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Linear operators, Hermitan operators, Spin operators Angula momentum and spin, normalisation. Pertubation theory Approximation methods Prerequisites: SMA 422 Should not be taken together with SPH 409 Stochastic Processes Description . Introduction to statistics and data distribution, measures of variations and central tendencies.

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