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If you need to make a report for an insurance claim, bring someone with you at all times.If you have the misfortune to need a lawyer -- do not go for the first one who just happens to appear to help you.FDA officials suggested that if you suddenly feel nauseous while using the services of a taxi cab, you should roll down the taxi's windows.Australian couple speak of finding drugs planted in their luggage, thankfully just ahead of being stopped at the airport, and having to negotiate a payment to avoid prosecution See article from au From jet ski scams to robbery, assault and even police extortion, for the millions of tourists who flock to Thailand each year the kingdom does not always live up to its reputation as the Land of Smiles .Police today were holding a Thai known locally a JJ Naiman after he was seen on a British television programme succeeding in extorting over £1000 from a British Royal Marine who had rented a jet-ski on the holiday island of Phuket.The province's governor Wichai Praisa-nob also stepped into the row today and called a meeting of police, jet-ski operators, Marine Police, and local government officials to discuss what action would be taken. He said he was considering banning jet skis from the island.

The row was only resolved after the arrival of Marine Police Sergeant Tim Wright who defused the situation but not before exposing the Thai gangleader as a ‘corrupt crook'. Tim Wright said: These men openly threatened serving military personnel whilst on R&R in Thailand.They can get the reply that police have checked CCTV and no such incident has taken place -- so you must be taking part in a holiday insurance scam... The keys go in the cell door and the hapless victim will soon be begging for mercy.In cases reporter the foreigner will be asked to sign a statement saying he will go to court and everything will be settled with a 500 baht fine (ten quid) and having spent time in custody the victim will be more than willing.There are a lot of people who get drugged here, said Wal Brown, an Australia volunteer with the Thai police who patrols the thronging streets of Patong on the island of Phuket.Visitors are warned to beware of strip clubs offering ping-pong shows where two beers can sometimes cost 0. They were on motorbikes and stopped by people with hatchets and screwdrivers and makeshift weapons, said Brown, who recommends people read their government's travel advice before visiting.

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At the court in the cases mentioned foreigners will not actually be brought before a judge.