Celtic dating service

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Celtic dating service

This scruffy cultural center maintained no written language—a far cry from the literate, neutral, and sanitized Switzerland we know today—and abruptly came to a close when Julius Caesar invaded during the Gallic Wars in 58 BCE, thus ending the party and subjugating Celts to Roman rule.

Although some historians contest his math, Caesar counted 28 Celtic (hill forts) and over 400 Celtic villages in the vicinity of Lac de Neuchâtel, many of which were burned down as Celts fled west along the Rhône River against his advances. With that in mind, here are six ways to channel your inner Helvetian and tap into the mysterious, lost Celtic culture of Switzerland.1.

and most people instantly think of the British Isles.

However, fewer folks know that the numerous Celtic clans that occupied Europe north of the Roman Empire’s borders likely originated in Austria’s Hallstatt area. Most historians agree that the golden age of the Celts actually took place in modern-day Switzerland, in the Lac de Neuchâtel region, where a wine-guzzling, gold-designing, poly/bisexual, naked-warrior-battling culture called La Tène became the epicenter of the Celtic world from 450 BCE to 58 BCE.

In Zurich, you’ll find the Celtic oppida of Uetliberg and Lindenhof (the latter has been continuously occupied since at least 50 BCE).

Or, built around the remains of a Celtic temple discovered in 1976, the Fondation Pierre Gianadda in Martigny is home to a sculpture garden with pieces by Alexander Calder, Jean Arp, and Joan Miró, along with famous Celtic bronze bullheads discovered in 1883; the site is part of the Martigny-la-Romagne archaeological walk, an ancient oppidum known as Octodure. Embark on “Glacial Archaeology” Hikes As of 2014, all 88 of Switzerland’s glaciers are melting.

The fact that the objects were Greek "customised for barbarians" was proof of the extent of "exchanges between the Mediterranean and the Celts," said Mr Garcia.

Traders travelled from Marseille in search of slaves, metals and precious materials, such as amber, entering in contact with continental Celts who were masters of the waterways.

But otherwise, the Celtic culture in Switzerland has seemingly vanished . These include finely wrought gold torques, engraved swords, intricate glass and stone jewelry, and a Gallo-Roman ship.

Everything on the site was laid out as if the deceased royal were about to begin a great banquet, or symposium.

The most remarkable piece was a black ceramic Greek wine pitcher with gold metalwork, described as "without equivalent" to date.

Basel launched Archaeo Tour, an app to help visitors explore the city’s 3,000-year-old archaeological history with special attention paid to Murus Gallicus, a Celtic wall from 80 BCE.

You can also seek out one of the 20 assumed oppida in Switzerland, of which 12 have been definitively confirmed, including at Lausanne, Avenches, and Mont Vully (home to the quarterly Vully Celtic gatherings).

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"These objects were like diplomatic gifts," he said.