World of warcraft dating infographic

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World of warcraft dating infographic

What I’d like to see them do at that point is: * Remove the photos from the chat system.

That’s a lot more people and a lot more time to find the right one.This list is a subset of my gigantic user total report.The user total list started out modestly back in 2011 and grew very quickly.He kept telling her she was “too pretty for a techie,” asking personal questions, saying he wants to ask for her number, etc.These are situations that you can’t really get out of, because the issue the customer entered into chat for needs to be resolved, and it’s hard to know when, as a support representative, you honestly have the right to say “hey, cut that crap out.” These are also customers that we will need to continue working with on a fairly regular basis as they continue to use our software.

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All I am in charge of is organizing our shared workload and heading up meetings.