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We had already made a lot of dietary changes over the last few years.I had already stopped drinking caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and most processed foods.I also realized that a meal didn't have to be a meat with two sides as I'd been conditioned to think.I could just as easily eat some scrambled eggs with mushrooms and then have some cashews and raisins later.People do eat out while doing the Whole30, but I don't see how.It was nearly impossible to find foods in restaurants that were compliant with the plan as is, and I am just not forward enough as a person (I'm an introvert!I've made it the full thirty days, and here's my takeaway.There's debate over whether sugar can be addicting or not, but there is little debate over the fact that--whether sugar is a "poison" or not--we're getting too much of it.

Fresh produce doesn't stay fresh long, and we really couldn't eat out, so we had to make sure we kept meals on hand.

I can make perfectly filling, satisfying meals without any sugar at all. We had to stock up on some long-lasting staples like olive oil and coconut oil.

We also had to buy some pretty expensive things like almonds and cashews to keep on hand.

I do not think you can tell how healthy someone is or isn't by the number on the scale.

I do think, though, that we can do unhealthy things that will impact our weight, and I think that the fact that I lost 10 pounds in 30 days while eating whenever I wanted means some of the foods I was eating before weren't great for my body.

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Even though we bought a lot of expensive foods and we bought them often, we still spent less than we did in a typical month. We also didn't buy many pre-packaged foods, which tend to drive up the total bill in a hurry.