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The province's governor Wichai Praisa-nob also stepped into the row today and called a meeting of police, jet-ski operators, Marine Police, and local government officials to discuss what action would be taken. He said he was considering banning jet skis from the island.The British documentary Big Trouble in Tourist Thailand , which went to air on Monday on the Bravo Channel, showed Royal Marines, who arrived in Phuket on HMS Bulwark, after a tour of Helmand Province, Afghanistan, being held at gun point in a local boat yard run by local mafia.

We expect proper standards of behaviour from public officials.Let's face it, there is a bit of corruption going on and we hope that will be avoided.Ministry of Tourism and Sports is closely monitoring the issues..increase safety the city will launch its own Pattaya Public Safety Centre next month where tourists can register complaints and get assistance.The moment they were out of the car, the driver restarted the taxi and sped off, taking with him all of their belongings.Without money or phones, the desperate couple set out on foot to the nearest police station in Nonthaburi's Muang district to report the incident. The police told them there was little hope of finding the driver, but Nonthaburi police commander Pol Maj Gen Thanayut Wuthicharasthamrong had other ideas and through some great police work tracked down the thieving taxi driver.

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On April 3, a Nonthaburi couple left their home to go to Suvarnabhumi airport to catch a flight to India. Everything seemed normal when they entered an orange taxi outside their home, but as they drove along Ratchapruek Road, the cab slowed to a stop, apparently out of petrol.