Dating a man with a big ego

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Dating a man with a big ego

Instead, confidence embraces realness and transparency. He knows his strength, but doesn’t use it to control; instead, he uses it to protect others. The Confident Man Considers the Future A man with confidence has vision.He might set out humbly, but he holds onto hope, knowing his goal awaits him just out of sight.He’s greedy and refuses to pay for meals, or when splitting checks, doesn’t put in his fair contribution.However, the confident man donates to causes, gives to the poor, and feeds the hungry because he knows he will always get provision. The Confident Man Is Real The ego takes over when we’ve been hurt, and protects us from being hurt again.There’s a reason people spend big bucks on beauty and body supplements. The grass looks greener on the other side, and if we could get to that other side, we believe our problems would all be solved.

He forgets about tomorrow and doesn’t consider consequences to his actions. The Confident Man Is Free The ego wants to control and manipulate, but the confident man knows surrender.You will still be left with an insatiable ego only temporarily pleased with each new possession.I had an interesting discussion with a friend the other day who mentioned we were made in the likeness of our Creator, therefore all of us have a desire to be praised.It’s important to identify the differences between ego and confidence so you know what to eliminate from you life.How do you know if you’re operating as the egotistical boy or the confident man? He affirms, empowers and heals others, whereas the egotistical boy wants to keep people back in fear others will surpass him.

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While everyone, both men and women have egos, it seems to be that bruising a male ego comes with more repercussions and it will push a man very far away from you.