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Talesfromdating com

) I went to the party and bought a book…After reading the book, I decided that I should review it right here…Disclaimer: Unlike the other books I have reviewed on this blog, this book is in no way religious or spiritual; however, everybody can relate to the topic of dating, mating and relating…Okay, just a little background on Blane…Her book was inspired by and based on “Ask a Bachelor, “ her advice column for the published right here in the A…The column was originally named “On Being a Bachelor” and included thoughts about her dating adventures in the A, but serendipitously, shortly after committing to write about her lack of a commitment, she found herself in a committed relationship…And so the column was reworked into an advice column…Wonder of wonders…However, I have found the time to write a book review on one of my fave – if not my fave – topics: relationships…A writer friend of mine Blane Bachelor recently held a book release party to celebrate the release of her first book .(With a name last name like Bachelor, she was destined to write on the topic of relationships!I first noticed this peculiarity in college…There was this resident advisor on my hall that gained a lot of weight as she was dating this guy who also lived in our dorm…I don’t know is she was cooking for him in our rustic dorm kitchens or if they were feeding each other at restaurants all over Athens, but this girl put on a considerable amount of weight…And then shortly after I stopped seeing him go into her dorm room at all hours of the day and night, she became her former stick-thin self…I pray that doesn’t happen to me…I have to maintain my sexy as my friend U. For more fun tidbits from Blane book’s, you need to buy it and read it for herself? So do you have any juicy tales from dating in the A that would make a great book or at least a great comment on my blog? I have always favored head-over-heels attraction but I must admit this has not been the best practice for me…It has caused me to date some guys that were clearly unsuitable because they gave me the jollies…On the other hand, should one go out with a man if there isn’t any spark at all? Blane also delves into another phenomenon I’ve noticed in dating/mating/relating – the inevitable weight gain of a happy couple….From the chapter“A few months into being coupled up, I go from foxy to fatty. Just looking at many of the people I know who are in relationships, I can see fuller faces, pudgier waistlines, more rotund rumps.” Blane is speaking the truth!

And to read more about shared domestic tasks and romantic relationships involving career women, order my upcoming book: Dr.

Paulette Kouffman Sherman is a licensed psychologist, owner of My Dating School ( author of Dating from the Inside Out, published by Atria Books, a regular speaker at The Learning Annex and is the NY Love Examiner.

She’s been an expert on television like the CBS Early Show & the AM Northwest Early Show and a radio guest on the Curtis Sliwa show.

I remember one fashionable guy I dated just blurted out once, “I think you are trying to be unsexy!

” He even brought a clothing catalog on one our dates to help me pick out some clothes that would look good on me…wow, huh? Toward the middle of the book, Blane delves into her relationship with then boyfriend, now fiance’, C.

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Instead of auditioning for him as a domestic goddess, she wished she’d discussed how they would be partners in the house hold duties and elsewhere. Have you seen this happen with yourself or your female friends in romantic relationships?

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