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But judges and prosecutors need to understand that a lifetime of cyberhumiliation shouldn't be grounds for a lifelong real criminal record. I’m younger than 65 and on Medicare because of disability. People age 65 or older have a guaranteed right to buy a medigap policy (meaning they can’t be turned down, regardless of disability or health status) within six months of enrolling in Medicare Part B, as explained here.They are the following: * Medigap policies are not available in California, Massachusetts and Vermont for people under 65 who have end-stage renal disease (ESRD).** Medigap policies for people under 65 in Delaware are available only to those with ESRD.A recent New York Times article quotes the Family Violence Prevention Fund, a nonprofit domestic-violence-awareness group, saying that the sending of nude pictures, even if done voluntarily, constitutes "digital dating violence." But do we truly believe that one in five teens is participating in an act of violence?Experts insist the sexting trend hurts teen girls more than boys, fretting that they feel "pressured" to take and send naked photos.

Parents need to remind their teens that a dumb moment can last a lifetime in cyberspace.

Whether all this reflects a new child-porn epidemic, or just a new iteration of the old teen narcissism epidemic, remains unclear.

Last month, three girls (ages 14 or 15) in Greensburg, Pa., were charged with disseminating child pornography for sexting their boyfriends.

The boys who received the images were charged with possession.

A teenager in Indiana faces felony obscenity charges for sending a picture of his genitals to female classmates.

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If you live in a state not shown here, you may still find an insurance company willing to sell you a policy, though it may cost you more than someone 65 or older, and it may deny coverage for preexisting conditions.

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