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Plex tv library not updating

Unfortunately, only music synced to your device can be selected. Once you pick a song, swiping left on the album art gives you controls for shuffle and loop.

Just as with any music service supporting Auto, you can view and control playback from the Auto home screen, and easily switch back by tapping the Music button.

Of course, I suggest that you read through the entire Plex vs Kodi comparison guide to understand the differences between Plex and Kodi / XMBC before making a decision on which would be best for you.

Now let us look at the above summary of Kodi Plex comparison in detail.

[Read: Combine Plex and Kodi – Get the Features of Both Using Plex Kodi Connect] Kodi Home Theater (, formerly XBMC, is stand alone, open source Home Theater Software which is very flexible and customizable.

You can find music by playlist, recently played, recently added, or artist.

] Kodi is available on a large number of platforms.

However some devices are easier to work with than others as some require jail-breaking, rooting or side-loading.

This server software streams your media database to a variety of client devices.

These client devices run a copy of the Plex client software and have access to the media as well as all the metadata and images.

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Plex is a popular option for streaming your media collection across your network (or the internet), including music.

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