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It'll be based on that) When Max discovers a bunch of cameras with footage of a young David on it, he begins to question the honesty of his councillor and uncovers the truth behind his constant sunny disposition, encountering the beginning of his long road to recovering from his own mental illnesses with the help of someone whose seen it all before.

Yet, words fail him as he finds himself entranced with the most unlikely being on earth. was different.(Inspired by "The Zombie Song" by Stephanie Mabey.

When finally getting there, the other campers aren't so pleased with your almost David-like attitude, especially a certain boy.

Max has found a new way to pass time, one that results in euphoric pain.

David was really worried he wasn't getting through to the kids, but all he wanted to do was provide some kind of home. Maybe he was doing a better job than he gave himself credit for, and maybe he helped more than just the kids? (liable to change based on real life events) Daniel spent five years in prison before he was released under… After a year living with his parents, he finds himself being dragged halfway up the country by his best friend and back in a place he'd hoped never to set foot on again.((Summary (and possibly the title) is subject to change)) (TRIGGER WARNING: CONTAINS PHYSICAL ABUSE)You have been abused by your father all your life.

Ever since your mother's passing, he's done nothing but make your life a living hell.

We're teaming up with The Science Channel to bring you the best science videos online. Every single person reading this has access to a device on which you can view almost every piece of knowledge ever collected by the human race.

The Science Channel's new digital television channel, Sci2, will be curated by IFLS's owner and founder, Elise Andrew. But let's face it, as the amount of information increases, so does the signal to noise ratio.

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Some of the best television shows had humble origins: think Insecure, High Maintenance, Broad City, Portlandia, Billy On The Street — the list goes on.

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