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Tonesdating com

2nd Screen, Augmented Reality, Brands, Business, Conference, Creativity, Cross Media, Distribution, Innovation, Interactivity, Marketing, Mobile, On-demand, Online Video, Participatory Media, Personal Media, Personalization, Production, Social Media, Social TV, Storytelling 2.0, Transformation, Transmedia, Web 3.0 I was invited to keynote at the 2013 Merging Media conference in Vancouver last week and it was great to meet up with the wandering band of transmedia/multiplatform ‘global gliterati’ that frequent these events.All in all a top notch affair, well attended, mostly on the ball in terms of topics and refreshing to take in the effervescent youthful passion that abounded from the attendees.Every sector from academia to agency to studio to broadcaster all use different terms.3 out of 10 suggests we have at least another 10-15 years before we settle down into a shared taxonomy – lets hope it is sooner.It is a smooth tone-neither a flute nor a string-and gives the organ its characteristic sound.In this large family are the Montre, Octave, Doublette, Contre Basse, Plein Jeu, Scharff, and Sesquialtera.

Android and Black Berry devices use the MP3 format while i OS devices like i Phones and i Pads use M4R.My next post will be detailed coverage some of the themes of my presentation but what follows below is something I sneaked into my talk last minute – partly as a response to some of the previous speakers on day 1 and the ‘challenges’ that still pervade this fledgling industry, still, after all these years.The ‘digital’ brochure-ware website/mobile-app industry is doing fine and dandy – quaint silos inside traditional broadcasters, studios and ad agencies make ‘broadcast interactive’ stuff that is proven standard fare for large sections of the mostly passive audience – but where are the truly original and/or mature multi platform transmedia services and how will we get there?Organ string tone may not be compared to that of the violin or cello in the orchestra as no percussive bowing can be effected from the String pipes.Strings have a timbre in complete contrast to the flutes, and like orchestral strings have a bright sound emphasizing the upper tones or partials.

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And what is even more amazing is the instantaneous response of the pipes to the player's wishes.