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We checked out a few areas and picked the one that looked cleanest. DH and I are still in the clutter removal process to successfully dispose of enough stuff to live in less space. They mandated a 180 day maximum stay though (didn’t want to turn the places into low-income residential units).

The nice thing is that if we were wrong, we can easily move. Are you going to share pictures of the RV and park when you get a chance?? Have you looked at resort type RV parks that offer site ownership? I can learned tips on how to make RV park living as low as popssible from some full-timing friends that are retired and travel from park to park. My guess is that the problem is similar to liveaboards in marinas. One could imagine that people start piling up their stuff all over their plot and ruining the appearance if it gets too permanent. It was easy to find a nice RV park that allowed year round residents in Arizona.

The one we were in was really nice, we were on the outside of the park, think there were police out there once on a domestic disturbance.

Same with the park my grandmother lived in for years.

OTOH if you bought a home in a declining area, you’re quite stuck. There are so many snowbirds and after a while they get tired of travelling and just stay here. But Jacob is right that it is easy to move out if the place is bad, much easier than owning a house or renting an apartment. I didn’t do it and later on some residents got busted for a major theft, drug, and prostitution ring.

The year round rent was half of the month to month rent. I would recommend asking the police to find out how often they have to visit. If I had bought that mobile home I would have had a very hard time getting rid of it. Leaving my house and considering options for living less expensively.

And the RV spaces being so close together fosters a family-type atmosphere. This park is family ouned and has downsize entertainment…above ground pool, Ohio River is less than a mile, cookouts every nite and volley ball.. If you live in a park with retired or snowbird type folks they will look out for you (some have nothing better to do). Did you dig your own well/make your own septic system? There was also some security that drove a golf cart around the park. My husband is one of those working and living in rv in trailor park.unusual .00 per month plus electric opposed to 0.00 a month plus sewer. They invented the word Good life for them but not for me. When we moved out here, Jacob had someone pick up the keys from us (as we were still across the country), and when we got here recieved the comment that the area was very “blue collar”.I’ve lived in a mobile home park before, when I was a kid.

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Oh, and you can never believe the wildlife, how they just adopt you (with a little food) Cajun Pro llangolen19, I lived in an RV park for 6 years. I do give a small premium to the added freedom of living on wheels – and I’m drooling at the possibility of snowbirding somewhere over winter.