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Mistress Shana recalled Abdi, a Somali Muslim guy she dated while studying psychology at the University of Ottawa in the early 2000s.The freaky Somali brother would eat Shana's ass like there was no tomorrow, and afterwards, he would put on his traditional Islamic clothes and go to Somali community events, as if nothing had happened.In that time, she'd played with numerous brothers and introduced them to BDSM.

The gorgeous dominatrix, originally from the island of Saint Lucia, had been living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, for eleven years.

She always suspected that underneath all their religiosity and cultural stuff, Somali guys like Jamal Abdullahi were real freaks.

Religious guys were the biggest freaks, Mistress Shana knew this long before she got into BDSM...

"Jamal Abdullahi, my darling sub, are you ready to suck dick for your mistress? Brown eyes full of fear and forbidden desire looked up at her, causing Mistress Shana's pussy to twitch with excitement...

The big and tall, dark-skinned and burly Somali American looked so damn good in a bright red speedo with a black leather mask hiding his handsome face.

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Mistress Shana nodded in approval, pleased by the spectacle unfolding before her.