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Eroded cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, art galleries, and umbrella festooned sidewalk eateries marked this wonderful part of the city.

The solid old stone buildings towered on either side of the streets, at once gracious and imposing. ’ The lovely Roxi D’Lite (BHOF Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2010) was headed our way.

The front of the café was open to the sidewalk, so we sat in the delicious early afternoon breeze and watched passersby.

Later that day, some mutual friends of the festival from Las Vegas, Heather and Rolando, drove me into Old Port, the historic district of Old Montreal.

Scarlett James’ darling husband, David, was waiting outside to whisk us to the venue.

As we waltzed out with our glittery cocktail dresses and suitcases, a couple of bystanders snapped photos.

Since Heather and Rolando had not joined us for the “breakfast of burlesque champions” earlier, we stopped at a little sidewalk bistro, Le Sauvagine, with tables nestled beneath giant orange umbrellas. Read the rest of this entry » I got off the plane in Montreal and breezed through customs and immigration with ease, but I was already late for the press conference that started at .

Read the rest of this entry » As darling as those artist designed hotel rooms were, they did not have the Glamma Girl in mind.

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Austin’s fighting pride of East Riverside is at it again!

As part of the all-female Austin powerhouse “Danger*Cakes” Tina Marie Bartolucci combines 50’s pin-up curves with the ethereal energy of a 60’s flower child.

The girls are third billed on the festival, so I took some time to play catch-up with her.

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The shower was smaller than a phone booth– I think I invented a new form of yoga trying to shave my legs!