Free sex video chat avenue

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Free sex video chat avenue

If you go in the room and use a name that suggests you are a female and of age 14 or less, you will recieve atleast 15 to 20 cam request from men that openly admit to being in their 40's.

They are again basically bored Teenagers, mostly GAY or Bi-Sexual, and they hate OLD People.The site is NOT kid safe and I advise all parents not to let their children anywhere near it.Funny thing is, they booted me for making a legitimate complaint about the abuse and trojans, but let Mr "man in raincoat" stalk children. If you have had a similar experience at please post it here, because sites like this should be booted off the internet.It sickens me that such a place can exist and yet nothing has been done about it.Karen's kid should not have been getting passwords from moderators nor should he have used them to disrupt the chatters in the room. is that they sent her e-mails because some kid swindled some passwords, yet they will not respond to e-mails about pedofiles being in the room or e-mails reguarding the safety of kids!!!!?

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If you complain to them, they will tell you that irresponsible parents are to blame. If you have a chat-room that is for 13 year old kids and up, you must take responsibilty for them.

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