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Once the blood flow returns to normal, you won’t feel discomfort. It seems we’re getting the worst of it and much more regularly! If you’re always faking your orgasms and never getting off, you probably feel blue balls regularly.Damn, that’s not good and it’s another reason not to fake orgasms.See, what happens is that when you’re turned on, blood goes to the genitals and blood vessels contract so that the blood stays there.This makes your nerve endings become sensitive and full of blood. Your vulva, ovaries, and uterus are all experiencing this blood vessel contraction, which can make you feel heaviness or even get aches in your genitals. Just think: men get blue balls in their penis and scrotum but we get it in so many more places! Your clitoris can also suffer a case of female blue balls. So if you don’t reach orgasm and then feel like your period’s about to surprise you with an early visit, it might just be a case of blue balls. When men have blue balls, their testes look a little blue, which is weird AF, but that explains the term for the medical condition. Think of how often women just can’t get physical release during sex, such as when you battle to reach orgasm through vaginal sex.Chances are, you rolled your eyes and wanted to tell him to stop being a big baby. It’s pretty much the same thing as the male version. You’re left feeling unsatisfied and like you need a quick session with your vibrator to get rid of this unresolved feeling ASAP. You’re feeling frustrated, sure, but there’s more going on.But, it turns out that women can get a form of blue balls too. You’re so turned on you just want to come, but you just don’t get there. Your body goes through physical things during female blue balls.So say ‘good-bye’ to the typical balloons and crepe paper and say ‘hello’ to theses crafty and unique decorations because we’ve got ideas for just about any birthday party!

First check the logo, which changed fairly frequently until about 1962.

Divas Kiirsten, Cami, Lisa M., Bridget, Wendy, and Kari have a few ideas to share with you for your man’s upcoming birthday.

You’ve probably heard your guy whine about his blue balls when he was aroused but couldn’t get off, maybe because you were keeping sex off the table until you knew him better or he was alone on a Saturday night.

Over time, these aches and pains can make you feel unsatisfied and depressed.

Instead of doing that to your body, rather speak up about what you need during sex to your partner.

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