Afrika amateur teen chat

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He handles her breasts, squeezing them a bit roughly.He takes his time but then moves to roll her over again to remove the jeggings.He leaves and steals everything in her car and purse, driving the beat up car away from the scene.She is viewed and panned from different angles to appreciate the perfection of this trailer trash babe.

She strangles her(long hard strangle) to death on the bed, not knowing that Agent Rex is watching from the same place she was watching Nikko.He picks her up and cradle carries her back to her trailer.He takes her inside, sets her on the floor, then drags her under her arms to the bed.He immediately gets the idea to fuck them both while they are still warm.The cold ass bitch agent Nikko he will save for last, since she would never give up the pussy because she wanted to be professional.

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She finishes the strangle and starts to fondle Nikko’s sexy body, revealing her perfect tits, and sexy soles. “Look what I did for us”, she exclaims and Rex looks like he appreciates what she has done, which was part of his plan and it is going even better because now he has someone to take the fall, Rogue agent goes bad.

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