Updating business information with gps servces

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Updating business information with gps servces

All tested units include at least the 48 contiguous United States.Many also include Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Puerto Rico.For instance, if you typed in XYLOPHO, the system would gray out everything but N because no other letters would combine to form a proper word in the database.Function varies, though better units track trip progress by recording data on distance traveled, average speed, and time spent that can be recalled later. Automatically quiets directions while call is being made. Allows user to make and receive hands-free telephone calls using the unit's internal speaker, microphone, and screen.

Notable features include a trip computer, and lane assistance. Can display user's telephone book, and shows caller ID on the screen.

In addition, some devices will allow you to search for points of interest along a plotted route.

A rare feature, some units have a removable battery.

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It can add intelligence to trip routing, but does not reflect current, real-world conditions.

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